Become a volunteer

There are several leadership opportunities and ways to get involved in the coalition. We're building our leadership team to make the coalition successful. No experience is necessary. We provide mentorship and support to all volunteers.  

We're looking to fill the following positions in particular: 

Vice-Chair: In the event of resignation, absence, disability or death of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall possess all the powers and perform all of the duties of that office until the next general election, at which time any remaining balance of the term shall be filled by a candidate elected from the membership of the Coalition. 

Secretary-TreasurerThe Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes or recordings of all the meetings of the Council and of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall prepare minutes or recordings of meetings prior to the next general meeting, make them freely available, and distribute them. 

Membership Co-Chair (2)The Membership Co-Chairs shall ensure that the Coalition is adequately represented online and shall have responsibility for maintaining the digital resources of the Council. They shall maintain the website, social media, email newsletter, and other digital platforms to ensure that the Coalition communicates effectively with members. In addition, they shall be responsible for maintaining the process for membership.

Professional Development Committee: This committee will work with our members to identify areas for professional development and education. 

Policy and Advocacy Committee: This committee will work with members to identify areas that public policy change can support hepatitis elimination goals.

Funding and Resources Committee: This committee will work with coalition members to identify areas for collaboration, partnership, and funding. 

Will you volunteer?